foot in the door

a foot in the door — начало пути, начало успеха

get / have / put one's foot in the door (take the first step in a process; achieve a starting position where people will take you seriously) — не давать захлопнуть перед собой дверь; сделать первый шаг, расчищая себе путь; пролезть

Example 1: If I can only get my foot in the door somehow I'm sure I can make an impression. (SS)

Example 2: As a regional director of Tacone, her husband, Jeff, has helped her get her foot in the door. But from here on in, it's all up to Susan and the quality of her work. (CNN Turnaraund)

Example 3: It's a very appealing country at the moment or region at the moment. So getting my foot in the door by studying abroad there would give me a huge advantage in the future. And I just want to know what it's like to be out of the western mindset. I've been here for so long that it'll be nice to experience something completely different. (NPR_Park)