follow the crowd

follow the crowd AND go with the crowd (to do or think the same as everyone else) — поступать как все; поступать как другие

Example 1: She has an unusual style of dressing; she doesn't follow the crowd.

Example 2: It’s easy just to follow the crowd, but you have to do what’s right for you. (MM)

follow the herd (= do and think the same as everyone else)

Example: Why follow the herd ?

Related vocabulary
[keep up with the Joneses]
the common herd (= ordinary people)
[in the mainstream]
herd mentality /instinct/behavior — стадное чувство / поведение

When people herd together, they instinctively behave as other herd animals.
In most animal groups, the crowd is known to act as one unit. Humans, being animals too, adopt the same kind of herd mentality. The group will act differently than each member would behave individually.

[соблюдать приличия]
[мещанские замашки]