feeding frenzy

а feeding frenzy (a situation of uncontrolled activity when many people are all trying to buy something (ажиотажный спрос) or to find out things about a famous person, politician (нездоровый интерес, погоня за сенсацией, пр.)) || a vicious attack on someone or something ~ погоня за сенсацией, ажиотаж, нездоровый интерес; || ~ травля

Example 1: Her tragic death set off/sparked off a feeding frenzy in the media/among journalists.

Example 2: It wasn't an office argument, it was a feeding frenzy led by the head accountant! (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs)

A feeding frenzy is a violent activity in which animals, such as sharks, attack as a group and eat another animal. If hungry animals have a feeding frenzy, they become very excited by the smell of food and fight each other to get a share of it.