fall for it

fall for sth
(to be fooled; to walk into a trap or respond to a scam or trick; to be tricked into believing sth that is not true) — купиться, покупаться, вестись, повестись; попадаться (на удочку), клевать, ловиться, поддаваться; оказаться одураченным

Example 1: I can’t believe I fell for your lies.

Example 2: I’m surprised you fell for that trick.

Example 3: I can't believe how many people still fall for the coin glued to the sidewalk. I’m really surprised you fell for that trick. How could you fall for such an obvious trick?

fall for it (believe a lie, a trick, a story)

Example: He might seem like a nice guy, but don’t fall for it, he’s a jerk.
Example : I told my mom I was going to a library and she fell for it.

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