fall apart

come / fall / break / split apart (at the seams) (to fail or become completely ruined, useless or unworkable or spoiled thoroughly) — разваливаться; трещать по швам; || ~ накрыться медным тазом

Example 1: After proper cheсking, his alibi seems to come apart at the seams. — После проверки, кажется, что его алиби трещит по швам.

Example 2: She felt as though she was falling apart at the seams

Example 3: When one of the gang was stopped by the police, their whole plan began to come apart at the seams and they eventually had to abandon it. (The Wordsworth dictionary of Idioms)

Example 4: My plans about the weekend broke apart after it started to rain heavily.

Example 5: The USSR began to split apart at the seams.

Example 6: Sadly, in the second half, the play begins to fall apart at the seams as Harwood attempts to combine comedy with more serious themes. (The Daily Telegraph, 1992, Arts material,)

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[накрыться медным тазом]