fair share

one's fair share
(enough; plenty; the amount of something that one is due relative to what other people are receiving)
— вклад; доля участия;|| доля, удел, участь

Example: Russian has its fair share of idioms too.

have one's fair share (of sth) — иметь, получить достаточно чего-л.
If you hear a mother telling her child that he’s had his fair share of candy, she’s saying that he’s had enough. He’s had plenty of candy, he doesn’t need any more candy, and he’s not getting any more candy. Likewise, if your dinner guest tells you that had his fair share of pie, he means that he’s full. He doesn’t want any more, no matter how good it is. (ebaby)

Example: I think you’ve had your fair share of cake and ice cream. — Тебе уже хватит пирожных и мороженого. Ты уже и так много съел.

have (had) more than one's fair share (of / with sth) (to have had more of something unpleasant than other people when you do not deserve it ) — сполна (нахлебаться, испытать); хлебнуть горя; собаку съесть на чем-л. {часто о негативном опыте}

Example: She had more than her fair share of bad luck recently, what with losing her job and getting divorced. — Она с лихвой нахлебалась — и работу потеряла, и развод еще. Досталось ей.

do sb out of their share fair
cheat sb out of their share fair
— обделить, недодать; обмануть (

Example: If George Sr. hadn't cheated Samuel out of his fair share of the family's money and land, maybe they would have gotten along as loving brothers, not enemies.

one's fair share of the blame
one' fair share of problems and difficulties.
shoulder one's fair share of responsibility / of international obligations
pressed to pay one's fair share of the cost of sth