eye candy

eye candy (something that is pleasing to the eye) — нечто симпатичное, милое, привлекательное, приятное глазу (человек, вещь и т.д.), но бессодержательное или бесполезное; приятный, привлекательный на вид (ср. [ear candy])

But just like regular candy that you eat, eye candy often doesn’t have much substance. When you say that a person is eye candy, you might mean that he or she is wonderful to look at, but isn’t very smart or interesting (~ милашка, симпатяшка; смазливый).

(much/just/pure) eye candy {uncountable}

Example: That movie didn’t have much of a plot, but it was still fun to watch. It was pure eye candy. (englishbaby.com)

Example: Brad isn’t just eye candy, he’s smart, too.(englishbaby.com) — Он не только смазливый, но и с головой.

Example: There was so much eye candy at the fashion show yesterday!(englishbaby.com)
(очень зрелищно, было на что посмотреть)

Related vocabulary
a sight to see /a sight to behold in
[sight to behold]
a sight for sore eyes
a treat for the eyes
easy on the eye
pleasing to the eye
pleasant to look at

[любо-дорого смотреть]
[глаз не оторвать]
глаз разует(ся)