extremes meet

extremes meet — крайности сходятся

opposites attract — противоположности сходятся, притягиваются
opposites repel — противоположности отталкиваются

Example 1: It’s not just a rule in physics. There’s a strong cultural expression: opposites attract. — Это не просто правило физики. Выражение "противоположности притягиваются" стало частью культуры.

Just where Arsene Wenger and Sam Allardyce wanted to spend Valentine's Day: with each other, separated only by a few feet in two distinctly chilly technical areas in Bolton. There is little love lost between the two; it is not so much a case of 'opposites attract' as 'opposites repel'.

Syn.: Too far East is West (An old Irish adage: "Too Far East Is West". It simply means that if you continue to move East on the globe, you'll inevitably wind up in the West. Ironic, isn't it? Of course, it can be a terrific metaphor for so many situations. For instance, in his diligent pursuit of personal beauty, singer Michael Jackson has accomplished something quite the contrary; creating a grotesque visage for himself.)