eat humble pie

eat humble pie — каяться, виниться, признавать свою неправоту
If you eat humble pie, you admit that you are in the wrong and behave apologetically.

For example:

... Jim had to eat humble pie after we proved that what he'd said was wrong. (

...Some politicians are so arrogant that they won't eat humble pie even when it's clear they've made a mistake. They just say they were "misinformed". (

I found an intersting information about etymology of this expression.

"There is a catch in this one. It has nothing to do with humble. When a deer was hunted and killed the lords and ladies ate the flesh, or venison and the servants and followers made a pie out of entrails, and the Saxon word for the entrails of deer was 'umbles'." (From The Beginning of Words (How English Grew) by Colin Pickles and Laurence Meynell)

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