ducks and drakes

ducks and drakes (the game of skipping flat stones along the surface of water) — «блины», «блинчики» (игра, состоящая в бросании плоских камешков по поверхности воды так, чтобы они подскакивали)

to make/ to play ducks and drakes (to throw a flat stone obliquely, so as to make it rebound repeatedly from the surface of the water, raising a succession of jets <— skipping stones)

Example: ...Philip searched for flat stones to play ducks and drakes. — ...Филип усердно собирал плоские камешки и бросал их с подсечкой, чтобы они прыгали по воде. (W. S. Maugham,"Of Human Bondage’"

make ducks and drakes of sth AND play ducks and drakes with sth — ≈проматывать, растрачивать, разбазаривать что-л., транжирить; пускать по ветру что-л

Example: If only the past had been different - if only Irene had loved him instead of Gerard! He would have husbanded his life, instead of playing ducks and drakes with it as he was doing. — Если бы прошлое было иным, если бы Ирэн любила его, а не Жерара, то он бы дорожил жизнью, а не растрачивал ее попусту. (W. Locke, ‘Idols’, ch. II)

Example: With all your faults, you've never played ducks and drakes with your work. — Какие бы у тебя ни были недостатки, наплевательское отношение к работе в их число не входит. (S. Chaplin, ‘Sam in the Morning’)

(Примеры взяты из словаря Кунина)

Synonyms within Context
Make ducks and drakes of one's money,
blow, blow in,
burn the candle at both ends,
eat out of house and home,
exhaust, fool away one's money,
fritter away one's money,
kill the goose that lays the golden eggs,
be prodigal,
manger son ble en herbe,
muddle away one's money,
outrun the constable,
pay through the nose,
potter away one's money,
pour forth like water,
pour water into a sieve,
run out, run through,
run through one's money,
sow broadcast,

squander sth (on sb/ sth) (to waste money, time, etc. in a stupid or careless way)

Example 1: He squandered all his money on gambling. (OALD)
Example 2: She squandered her chances of winning. (OALD)
Example 3: He just squandered his talent. (OALD)
Example 4: Do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of. (Benjamin Franklin)
Example 5: …The price we are paying for indifference to and apathy about our failing schools is enormous, and the cost is not only in dollars but in the squandering of our most precious asset – the nation's young people. (Rich Turner)
Example 6: …We have a duty to base our judgements on the best available information. This is not just because we owe it to other people to represent the issues fairly, but also because we owe it to ourselves not to squander our lives on fairytales. A great wrong has been done by this movement. We must put it right. (George Monbiot, "The green movement has misled the world about the dangers of radiation", Guardian 5th April 2011)

throw away one's money,
throw good money after bad,
throw the helve after the hatchet, waste.
Ducks and drakes,