drown one's sorrows

drown one's sorrows (get drunk or drink a lot to try to stop feeling unhappy) — топить горе в вине; заливать горе

Example 1: She drowned her sorrows in the bars.

Example 2: Shortly after getting laid off, they were drowning their sorrows at a local bar

Example 3: "Yes," my mother had agreed. "After the ground settles, I'll be able to think more clearly." Then she'd taken herself over to Per Se for lunch and drowned her sorrows in a couple of dirty martinis. (Judith Marks-White, Bachelor degree )

Example 4: New to Western music, we flinched as twangy fiddles penetrated closed windows. One particular jukebox record, popular with patrons drowning their sorrows in beer, featured a cowboy lamenting a lost love with agonized moaning and high-pitched wails. My parents groaned and stuffed cotton in their ears, but I knew how that cowboy felt as I pined for Dickie Lewis (Barbara Lake, Raindrops are forever)