drag one's feet

drag one's feet/heels (on/over sth)
(delay; take longer than necessary to do something; take an unnecessarily long time over something; do something or deal with something slowly because you do not really want to do it) — тянуть с чем-либо; тянуть время; тянуть кота за хвост, тянуть резину; тянуть волынку; волынить; затягивать (решение вопроса и т. п.)


..... You should've finished the project a week ago. Why are you dragging your feet? — Ты уже неделю назад должен был закончить работу. Что ты тянешь кота за хвост?He was asked why the government had dragged its feet on the question of a single European currency.
..... We don't want to look as if we're dragging our heels over promoting women to senior positions. (CIDI)
..... He's been dragging his feet over this; I think it’s about time he made a decision.
.....You would have had the floor swept by now if you had not dragged your feet all the way to the broom closet.

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[bide one's time]