down to the short strokes

down to the short strokes and down to the finishing strokes (approaching the end of a long process; nearly finished a job, almost completed a task) — вот-вот завершится, закончится; близится к самому концу; осталось совсем чуть-чуть (завершающие штрихи)

Example 1: "How's it going? Are you nearly finished?" "We're down to the short strokes - we just have to paint the doors." (WM)

Example 2: Building a house is a long ordeal. Just when you think you are down to the short strokes something unexpected comes up.

When a golfer begins at the tee, he hits the ball towards the green by driving, or using a long stroke. When the ball is on the green, he must get the ball in the hole by putting - or taking "short" strokes. Similarly, a painter (canvases, not houses) begins on a clean canvas using large and broad stokes of the brush. As the painting progresses the brush strokes become shorter and finer as detail is filled into the painting. (From Now You Know Almost Everything by Doug Lennox)

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