down to brass tacks

down to brass tacks, to the point — Давайте к главному!

get down to brass tacks (to start talking about the most important or basic facts of a situation) — переходить к сути, переходить к главному

Example 1: Let's get down to brass tacks. Who's paying for all of this?

Example 2: They talked about unimportart things and then got down to brass tacks.

Brass tacks is Cockney rhyming slang (= an informal kind of language said to be used in parts of London) for facts.

[cut to the chase ]
[суть дела]
get to the meat of the issue
get down to cases

brass-tacks (adj) — precisely meaningful and tersely cogent: aphoristic, compact, epigrammatic, epigrammatical, marrowy, pithy. (точный, четкий)