don't come the innocent with me!

Don't come the innocent with me! -- не прикидывайся, что...; не делай вид, что не знаешь о чем речь ||не надо давить на жалость; не прибедняйся; не строй из себя (невинную жертву/ непризнанного гения/...); не надо мне тут изображать из себя (...) ;

Ann: I saw you leaving a restaurant with a beautiful girl.
Robert: Come off it! I don't know where you're coming from! What girl?
Ann: Don't come the innocent with me!

An informal spoken expression used for telling someone
not to pretend that they are something they are not in order to get sympathy or help from in a particular situation, because you do not believe them. This can be used in other ways.{UK}

Example 1: Don't come the poor struggling artist with me. You're just lazy

Example 2: Don't come the poor overworked teacher with me!

Example 3: Don't come the poor little innocent/ victim / with helpless male etc with me!