ditto (for me, too) (used instead of repeating something that has just been said to indicate that the same thing applies to you, that you agree with what someone has just said or that your feelings or wishes are the same as theirs) — и у меня так же самое / тоже; и я тоже, и мне то же / тоже; я тоже так думаю (любые вар-ты согласия или подтверждения)

Example 1: "I hated school." "Ditto."

Example 2: "I'd like coffee" "Ditto (for me)."

Example 3: "I was bored with that speech." "Ditto for me, too."

Example 4: "Hillary, this is feminist science fiction pioneering literary scholar Dr. Claire Kentowitz. You are Superwoman." "I know." "You are my feminist sister. We both have super powers. Ditto for Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. There is no time for questions. Just believe that a fellow feminist professional would not lie to you. We have to work together with Kathleen to save the day." (Marleen S Barr, "Oy, It's Superfeminist")

Example 5: "I haven't been a very good sister." I heard Sandliver's accent in her voice. I said, "Ditto for me as a friend." "No, you've been a good friend. You've meant a lot to Sandy" ("What I learned about auto racing")

Other ways of agreeing with someone

righto (used for saying that you agree with a statement, or you accept a suggestion or an order)

[same here]

[you can say that again]