dime a dozen

a dime a dozen

1. еasy to get and so of little value; cheap and common.
красная цена — копейка в базарный день; грош цена

Example: Friends like him are a dime a dozen.— Таким, как он, друзьям грош цена в базарный день.

2. being an everyday thing because there are many of them; abundant, one of many, common — полно, навалом, пруд пруди; не редкость

Example 1: Coffee shops are a dime a dozen in my neighborhood.
Example 2: People who can write good books are not a dime a dozen. — Хорошие писатели на дороге не валяются.
Example 3: Romantic movies are a dime a dozen. — Фильмов о любви пруд пруди.

A dime is the name for a US coin that is equal to ten cents. Ten dimes (or 100 cents) is the same as the US dollar. And one dollar will not buy you very much in today’s world! You can’t even buy a cup of coffee for a dollar. It’s easy to understand that if you can buy twelve things for a dime, each of those items is very inexpensive. They are probably not unique, but common and easy to find. In fact, you can probably find them all over your city or country. Because they are everywhere, we say they’re a dime a dozen. This expression also describes people in some situations. You could say that
..... actors are a dime a dozen in Hollywood because there are so many people who want to be movie stars. Or that
..... runners are a dime a dozen in a big race.
People and things are a dime a dozen when there are so many of them that it would be hard not to find one! (englishbaby.com)