dig sth

dig something {very informal} (like, enjoy, appreciate) — быть в восторге от чего-л. (что-л. очень нравится); обожать; тащиться от чего-л.

When you dig something, you really like it; you think it’s cool. Most often used to describe personal interests or to express a liking of certain music, movies or even people. (See examples below)

Example 1: I really dig Italian food. It’s by far my favorite. — Ricotta, zucchini, mint... I'm not digging the mint, I've got to say. — Well, let's taste it, first. Come on, now. You're saying you're not digging it. You haven't even eaten it yet.

Example 2: I dig your new hat. Where did you get it?

Example 3: Della definitely digs that guy — she is always talking about him.

Example 4: I'm not voting for her because I'm not digging the way they ran this campaign.

Example 5: I quit the job because I really wasn’t digging the situation. There were too many rumors and too much office gossip!... In my new gig, I am making more money, learning a lot, and really digging my co-workers.

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