deliver the goods

deliver the goods and
come up with the goods
{informal} (to do what you have promised to do or what people expect or want you to do) — выполнить взятые на себя обязательства; выполнить, сдержать свои обещания; оправдать надежды, ожидания; | довести дело до конца; справляться (со взятыми на себя обязательствами)
Used when praising someone's ability to do exactly what they have promised to do without any problems.

Example 1: Will you be able to deliver the goods? — А ты справишься?

Example 2: He keeps promising a lot but he never delivers the goods.

Example 3: I've just spoken to their sales department and they think they can supply us with what we need. But they have got a track record of not delivering the goods. (SS)

Example 4: We expected great things from the new government, but so far they have failed to deliver the goods. (OALD)

Example 5: Please don’t get our hopes up unless you’re sure you can deliver.

deliver (to do something that you have promised to do ;to do what you promised to do or what you are expected to do; to produce or provide what people expect you to) — сдержать обещание

Example 1: No one believed that she would be able to deliver everything she had promised.
Example 2: He has promised to finish the job by June and I am sure he will deliver. (OALD)

deliver (on sth)
deliver on one's promise(s)

Example 1: She always delivers on her promises.
Example 2: How will the government deliver on its election promises?

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