deep six

deep six

1. to throw overboard — выбросить что-либо, избавиться от чего-либо.

Example 1: As the police boat came near, the drug smugglers deep-sixed their cargo.

Example 2: Let's deep-six the treasure chest.

(An expression was originally used by sailors, suggesting throwing something into water six fathoms deep.)

2. You can deep-six something even if you are not a sailor. All you do is throw it away or put it where it will never be found. (toss out; get rid of; dispose of)

Example 1: I'm going to deep-six all these unpleasant letters from him.

Example 2: Deep-six these old souvenirs!

3. to reject, negate, or ruin:

Example: The team deep-sixed the manager's attempt to call Sunday practice.

give sth the deep-six (abandon the project, plan or idea, to decide not to use something such as a plan) — похоронить, угробить (план, затею и т. п.); отказаться от мысли, плана, проекта; сбрасывать со счетов, зачеркивать; поставить на чем-л. крест (контекст)

Example: The agency gave her ideas he deep six. — Бюро угробило / похоронило ее предложения.

Example: They gave the new plan the deep six. — Они поставили крест на новом плане.

1) Probably comes from burial procedures, referring to bodies being buried six feet under the ground.
2) It could also be a nautical term relating to ships and submarines sinking so deep that they could not be resurrected or

"nautical slang of the 1920s for tossing something overboard (to its watery grave). It was transferred to more general kinds of disposal in the 1940s and gave rise to the verb to deep-six, for "toss overboard" or "discard." (Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer.)