dead wood

dead wood (people in a group or organization who are no longer considered useful or necessary, who not useful any more and who need to be removed) — балласт, обуза; бесполезные члены (группы, сообщества); отработанный материал (о людях)

cut out the dead wood ( to remove unproductive people from a job) — сократить (лишних) сотрудников, членов команды, которые не приносят пользы

Example 1: The company wanted to reduce costs by cutting out the dead wood. They began to cut out the deadwood and fired many people.

Example 2: There's a lot of dead wood in the team which needs to be cleared out.

Example 3: It's time we cut out the dead wood in this company. (dismiss the employees who do not work very well or efficiently.)

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