day in court

to get / have one's day in court (to get an opportunity to give your opinion on sth or to explain your actions after they have been criticized; a chance to be heard; an impartial hearing; a chance to explain what one has done.) — получить возможность, право или случай (публично) высказаться, изложить свою точку зрения, позицию; возможность быть выслушанным

Example 1: The business executive had his day in court and was cleared of any suggestion of wrongdoing. (IdiomConnection)

Example 2: He was fiercely determined to get his day in court and the TV interview would give him that opportunity.

Example 3: By asking Rob for an explanation the professor showed he was willing to let him have his day in court. (

This expression transfers the idea of a hearing in a court of law to more general use.