cut sb down to size

cut sb down (to size)
bring sb down to size

(show that sb is less important than she/he pretended) — осадить; поставить на место; приструнить; одернуть (чтоб не возносился высоко); окоротить

Example 1:He's too proud, he needs to be cut down to size . — Он слишком возгордился — надо поставить его на место.

Example 2: My boss is so arrogant. He needs someone to cut her down to size .

see also
[put sb in their place]
[take the wind out of sb's sails]

make sb eat humble pie -->[eat humble pie]
make sb swallow their pride

settle/fix sb's hash {infml} (to silence or subdue someone; to calm someone down, perhaps by threats or by violence; deal with a troublemaker) {This term, dating from about 1800, uses hash in the sense of "a mess."}

Example 1:If he comes in here, I'll settle his hash.(

Example 2: Now, that ought to settle your hash. (

Example 3: If John starts another argument we know just how to settle his hash. (