cut corners

cut corners (do something in the easiest, cheapest or fastest way (often harming the quality of your work); economize; not do in a complete and thorough manner; choose the easiest or least expensive option) — выбирать менее затратный способ (в любом смысле — по времени, усилиям, деньгам); ~ халтурить; экономить, ~ срезать углы; || ловчить, изворачиваться; идти в обход правил;

Example 1: These days, we have to cut corners wherever we can. — Такие сейчас времена, что нужно экономить где только можно.

Example 2: Don't try to cut corners by spending less on materials.

Example 3: We tried to cut some corners and just caused ourselves more problems.
Example 4: Jane's project is due tomorrow, so she’s going to have to cut corners if she wants to get if finished in time.

take a shortcut (short cut UK )

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