crumbs from a rich man's table

crumbs from a rich man's table (a small comfort or compensation given to the poor or unfortunate by the rich or more fortunate) — объедки с барского стола; крошки с барского стола;
утешение для бедных
table scraps (remaining, meagre portion of a meal)
--> Meagre remainings of anything.

Related vocabulary:
fight for table scraps
toss/throw a bone to sb (to give someone a little bit of something, as in a reward or some kind of recognition. Usually that amounts to no more than a token award.) — бросить кость кому-л. (в утешение, как подачку)
Tossing a bone to someone is usually done out of pity or by someone with significantly more power over the situation. It is usually a token amount or something small for the person doing the tossing. It can be considered a big deal for the person on the receiving end; the main gist is that there is a disparity in control. ( A bone isn't much but it is better than nothing.)
It usually invokes the imagery of a dog being fed. The imagery is akin to feeding someone table scraps. It isn't usually done as a reward, per se, although begging for a bone or trying to convince the powers that be that you deserve it is common.

You will hear people in the U.S. say:
"Hey, throw me a bone here!"
This is said when someone is feeling slighted or has gone unrecognized for some achievement.
The derivation is from throwing a bone to a dog, as in "even a dog would get a bone" from someone. (