cross to bear

one's/a (heavy) cross to carry / bear (an unpleasant or painful situation or person that you have to accept and deal with, although you find it very difficult; affliction or misfortune we have to tolerate) — тяжкий крест

carry/bear (lit) one's cross — нести свой тяжкий крест; нести свой крест

Example 1: He had an unrequited love, and this was his cross to bear.

Example 2: She's got enough of a cross to bear just taking care of you.

Example 3: Ester's life was my responsibility and her death is my cross to bear alone. So I'm not going to sue you, Dr. Sanger... (The Island, 2005)

Example 4: Americans have all the best food. Oranges. My God! You have miraculous oranges! What I'm saying is that white bread is the American cross to bear. It makes a big lump in your stomach. Have you ever stuck a piece of bread in a bowl of milk? It just forms a lump! A lump, I tell you? (Tom Chiarella, "Golf in the Kingdom")

Example 5: And as we prayed and lived every day in a hospital waiting and hoping that she would make it for those six months, I was told so often that, you know what, all of us have a cross to bear and that, you know, we are never given more than what we can handle and that through our experiences we can help others.(Rutgers Coach Offers Lessons on "Standing Tall", 2008)

[bane of one's life]
[ярмо на шее]
[millstone round one's neck]

An allusion to Christ's being required to carry the cross on which he was to be crucified (John, 19:17), an event still commemorated or re-enacted in some modern ceremonials, though the other three Gospels say that the cross was carried by someone else.