cowboy courses

cowboy courses (fraud, worthless education)

Example 1:I was so despondent after completing what I now call the Cowboy Course at another School, that I thought of giving up hypnotherapy altogether.

Example 2:There are a lot of cowboy courses out there that aren't worth the paper thery're written on.

не курсы, а (сплошная) халтура (as in "a cowboy plumber" — сантехник-халтурщик; самозванец)

— Vivi

I reckon it'll take garans to decide which is which. I am not so sure about the translation :) might not be such a long way out.
— Vivi

also mickey mouse course = a course that has little intellectual content and is not related to employment needs - курс "для галочки"

Example 1:She told reporters later that a mickey mouse course was one "where the content is perhaps not as rigorous as one would expect and the degree itself may not have huge relevance to the labour market".

Example 2:The government's targets for extra university places must not be met by increasing the numbers on "mickey mouse" courses, the higher education minister, Margaret Hodge, warned yesterday.