court disaster

court disaster / danger / scandal / death etc {fml} ( to behave in a way that is likely to bring a bad result) — своим поведением навлекать на себя несчастье, неприятности и т. п.; навлечь на себя несчастье; напрашиваться на неприятность; накликать несчастье; идти навстречу катастрофе, краху, смерти и т. п.

Example 1: To ignore her advice would be courting disaster.
Example 2: To have admitted this would have courted political disaster. (LDOCE)
Example 3: You do not try to engage an attacking dog in a dialogue or suggest that it attend obedience school. You shoot it. To do otherwise is to court disaster.

All the way along, Peter hummed to himself, danced, bounced around, and in general exuded energy. "Why so glum, big bro? Don't you like being rich?" he asked Jan while they piled stones for another cairn. "It's the story. I can't get it out of my mind that we're courting disaster by taking the gold." But when they finished the cairn, Jan took his turn carrying the bucket. (Dutchman's gold, 1995)

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