conveyor belt

a conveyor belt (a continuous moving strip or surface that is used for transporting a load of objects from one place to another) - лента конвейера, тж. перен.

Education conveyor belt
"Many graduates were going to Australia where work was pretty well guaranteed - even that's pretty much dried up and at home there is just nothing.
"There were graduate roles in mining and oil companies and as a geo-technical engineer - looking at groundwork for houses, but that's all come to a grinding halt now.
"I've decided that job hunting in the normal way is going nowhere, so I'm trying to secure a place on a masters degree for September - but even then that's not a guarantee of work afterwards."
He agreed with Emma that the key to securing a job is getting as much experience as possible. "I'd tell students now to get applications for graduate roles or summer placements in quickly and do as many as possible.
"If they find themselves coming off the educational conveyor belt in the summer and starting from there, they are going to find it very difficult."

Story from BBC NEWS: