common thread

a common thread (to sth) (a similar idea or pattern to a series of events) — (нечто) общее, объединяющее; общая идея, тенденция; общие черты; общая нить
share a common thread (with)

Example 2: All of these incidents are related. There is a common thread to all this. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs)

Example 2: There's a common thread in most of Berton's stories.

Example 3: The beliefs of the Australian Aborigines share a common thread with many popular religions of today. — Верования автралийских аборигенов имеют общие черты со многими современными религиями.

Example 4: Most religions are united by the common threads of fighting evil and helping others. — Все религии объединяет общая идея (нить) — борьба со злом и помощь другим.

Example 5: ...If you go through the real disasters of our time in government - EMU, the Geoffrey Robinson affair, ISAs, single parents - I'm afraid there is a common thread to them all. They are coming out of the Treasury. (

Example 6: ...I have also had the opportunity to work with small groups and very large lecture formats. Each setting creates its own dynamics and produces its own special needs for communication. But there is a common thread to all these environments: what I try to do is force the student to think. If one can encourage a process of looking at data or looking at society through a different prism, beautiful moments of insight can result. The focused intensity of law students can be brought to bear in peeling apart the various levels of a problem. (Robert C. Berring "What Good Teachers Say About Teaching")

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