come with the territory

come with the territory AND go with the territory (to be a natural or unavoidable aspect or accompaniment of a particular situation, position, or field; to be expected under circumstances like this) ≈ неизбежно сопутствовать чему-л.; являться неотъемлемой частью чего-л.; быть в порядке вещей; быть обычным делом (о негативной составляющей)

If something ‘comes / goes with the territory’, then it is a disadvantageous or unappealing aspect of a situation. There is usually an implication that it is tolerated or you have to accept the unpleasant aspects (whatever they are) of the situation because they are part and parcel of the whole, or because the benefits of the situation as a whole outweigh these concerns.

(it) comes with the territory AND (it) goes with the territory — ничего не поделаешь; от этого никуда не денешься (о сопутствующих негативных сторонах); неизбежные издержки (положения, славы, богатства, успеха); одно без другого не бывает; ≅ взялся за гуж — не говори, что не дюж (контекст.); ≅ назвался груздем — полезай в кузов (контекст.)

Example 1: If you're an athlete, you've got to expect injuries — it comes with the territory.

Example 2: There are problems, but they go with the territory. (

Example 3: . There is a lot of paperwork in this job. Oh, well, I guess it comes with the territory. There are problems, but they go with the territory. (

Example 4: He's a public figure, and so a certain amount of media intrusion goes with the territory. So if you're a celebrity and you enjoy public attention, you should prepare yourself for paparazzi, the gossip column and what have you. Profit-driven newspapers will go out of their way to air your dirty linen in public and you have to live with it. It comes with the territory – can't have one without the other.

Example 5: Well, I'm a business woman, and this is all for my business. When I'm walking around, usually I'm wearing my clothing line, I'm promoting my fragrance or promoting a movie, so all this is just me doing my job and making a living. And sometimes that attention can get to be too much. But that comes with the territory, so I handle it very well. (Paris Hilton)

Example 6: My neighbor’s teen-age son, while drilling a hole in the fender of his bicycle to mount a headlight, vigorously drilled down through the metal fender and straight into the front tire. It’s a necessary part of the experience of being a teen-ager — it comes with the territory. (Karl Albrecht, “The Art and Science of Common Sense”)

(it) comes with the job — издержки профессии

Example: Journalists should recognize that public criticism comes with the job.

Related vocabulary:
[part and parcel]

Alludes to the details and difficulties attendant to something like the assignment of a specific sales territory to a salesperson. The phrase originally meant that traveling sales personnel had to accept whatever problems or perquisites they found in their assigned region. When one accepts the assignment, one accepts the problems. Today it is applied in many other contexts.