chip in

chip in (for sth) (contribute money or labor) — вносить свою долю; скидываться, сбрасываться

Example 1: We all chipped in for beer.

Example 2: "Linda, we chipped in for some souvenirs." From a shopping bag he removed a gift — wrapped package. "We don't want you to forget us at your new job." (Edward M Lerner, "Survival instinct", 2002)

Example 3: We thought about buying a new Timex or even chipping in for a more expensive watch, but Jim said, "No, I promised him my watch, and that's what he's going to get. I like the idea of some Russian interceptor pilot wearing my Timex." ("How a two-dollar watch saved the world")

Let’s all chip-in (Let’s all throw in some money to share expenses towards a good cause.)

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