chief cook and bottle washer

chief cook and bottle washer {humorous} (1. someone responsible for cooking meals and washing the pans and dishes; || 2. someone who does everything; a person who is invaluable to their team.) — на все руки мастер; и швец, и жнец, и на дуде игрец; незаменимый человек (контекст.)

Example 1: It's my birthday party, so Alan is chief cook and bottle washer tonight. (CIDI)

Example 2: “What exactly do you do here, Tom?” “Chief cook and bottle washer.”

Someone will joke that he is the “chief cook and bottle washer” if he does many things within a company. In other words, he can do the esteemed job of a chef or he can wash dishes, and usually everything in between. Both jobs in this phrase are mentioned for it to mean anything. (David W. Miller )

Frequency of usage: sometimes

[мастер на все руки]
[и швец, и жнец]