chicken out

be chicken — трусить, перепугаться
chicken out (be too afraid to do something; back out from fear, lose one's nerve) — выйти из игры, грозящей неприятностями; пойти на попятный

Example 1: He chickened out of climbing up the tree. (Mюллер)

Example 2: In the end I chickened out and took the easier route down the mountain. (

Example 3: ...seemed to exhibit courage, manliness, and conviction when others chickened out (J. R. Seeley)

Chicken is a popular synonym for "cowardly"

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get one's ass in a sling

get one's ass in a sling

Example: I saw how the Charlies were coming closer and sure I got my ass in a sling

Это Голденков так

Это Голденков так думает?

from my reading matterеру the idiom means that the person with his/her ass in a sling has been defeated (somehow) and is now in a bad physical/ mental or social condition.

get one's ass in a sling or have one's ass in a sling have one's -- be (or get) in trouble, in a painfully awkward position, as in

When the news about the slump in sales gets out he'll have his ass in a sling.

Probably originating in the American South, this idiom may refer to so vigorous a kick in the buttocks (for which ass is a rude synonym) that the injured person requires a sling of the kind used to support a broken arm.