chew sb's ear off

chew sb's ear off and talk sb's ear off (talk a lot; talk too much, talk on and on; make the listener tired) — уболтать, заболтать кого-л.; повиснуть у кого-л. на ушах; все уши прожужжать; утомить (разговорами, болтовней)

Examples from
...I’m sorry for chewing your ear off, but I have so much to tell you!
...Marcy always chews my ear off about her annoying boyfriend when we go out for coffee.
...I had a meeting with my boss. He chewed my ear off for over an hour.
...The date would have gone better if I hadn’t talked her ear off. I need to learn to listen more.
....Be careful. My grandfather is nice, but he’ll talk your ear off if you let him.
...I thought it would be a quick meeting, but it took a long time. They talked my ear off.

Related vocabulary
[not hear the end of sth]
[like a broken record]
[уши прожужжать]