cherry-picking — избирательный, выборочный подход к чему-л. (фактам, данным, доказательствам и т.п.);
picking and choosing

cherry-pick sb/sth (to choose the best people or things from a group and leave those that are not so good) — (to choose or take the best or most profitable of (a number of things), especially for one's own benefit or gain; to pick out the best, or most desirable items from a list or group, especially to obtain some advantage or to present something in the best possible light; selectively choose (the most beneficial or profitable items, opportunities, etc.) from what is available; to select only the most lucrative or profitable opportunities, especially in business; select only what you like: to sift through, e.g., evidence or options, selecting only what you like or what supports your strategy, plans, or preconceived notions {disapproving}) — делать избирательную выборку в своих интересах; действовать избирательно; отбирать лучшее; отбирать то, что выгодно

Example 1: Isn't there a danger that the state schools might start cherry-picking the pupils with the best exam results? (Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms)

Example 2: I suspect there's some cherry-picking going on, with lawyers only taking on the sort of cases that they're likely to win. (Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms)

Example 3: Critics also say the government seems to be picking and choosing its targets, sometimes for political reasons (New York Times) — Критики также утверждают, что правительство, похоже, проявляет выборочный подход, нередко исходя из политических соображений.(Пер. Палажченко)