chapter and verse

chapter and verse (in the finest detail) — дословно, во всех деталях; досконально, во всех подробностях; со ссылкой на первоисточник

give/quote (sb) chapter and verse (to provide exact details about where to find information; to give someone exact details about where to find some information) — подкреплять что-л. точными ссылками; ссылаться на источник информации; приводить точные данные

He was giving chapter and verse for what was already known in general terms. (WD) — Он приводил точные данные о том, что было известно в общих чертах. (Кунин)
He could recite the law concerning state-funded libraries, chapter and verse.
She knew her rights, chapter and verse.
He gave chapter and verse for his reasons for disputing that Shakespeare had written the play.
The suspect gave chapter and verse of his associate’s activities.

(From the chapter and verse organization of the Bible: а reference to the method of referring to biblical text.)