change tack

change (one's) tack AND try a different tack (to try a different method to deal with the same problem or situation, especially in the way that you communicate) — взять другой курс, пойти по иному пути, сменить тактику, попробовать действовать иначе

Example 1: I've written twice and received no reply, so I might change tack and call her. (

Example 2: I've been very pleasant with them so far but if they don't cooperate, I may have to change tack.(

Example 3: Instead of always asking him what he wants, why don't you try a different tack and tell him what you want? (

populist tack— популистские приемы, курс на популизм

...The museum has tried everything from Saturday night dance parties to exhibitions that sometimes push the boundaries of art. Though it has attempted to bring in more visitors by what the article calls its “populist tack,” its efforts don’t seem to be working.

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