catch as catch can /catch-as-catch-can (no order, get what you can; however or by whatever means possible: in a free manner; in any way possible; in the best way you can; the best one can do with whatever is available; using any available means or method; unplanned; free. making do with whatever means are available;

A phrase that describes a situation in which people must improvise or do what they can with limited means — перевод по контексту (см. примеры)

Example 1: “We don’t have enough textbooks for all of the students, so it’ll be catch-as-catch-can.”
Example 2: (а) On moving day everything is packed and we eat meals catch-as-catch-can. — и мы питаемся чем бог пошлет; как попало; кто во что горазд
Example 2: (b) There were ten children in our family, and every meal was catch-as-catch-can. (ntc)
Example 3: We went hitchhiking for a week and lived catch-as-catch-can. — ... ~ жили на подножном корму
Example 4: “Reading was learned catch-as-catch-can, while reindeer farming was learned deeply and thoroughly through the daily rigors of survival” (Bunny McBride).
Example 5:There was no formal language program; one simply learned Spanish catch as catch can.
Example 6: He made a catch-as-catch-can living doing odd jobs. — ... жил как придется, как уж получалось, в зависимости от того, какая подвернется


рабоч. вар-ты (подгонка по контексту):
подручными средствами/способами
доступными средствами
на подножном корму (перен)
чем бог пошлет
как придется, как попало, как получается
~~ голь на выдумки хитра
on a catch-as-catch-can basis -- без определённой очерёдности, без какой-либо программы

[any port in a storm]
[beggars can't be choosers]