carry the can

to carry the can (If you carry the can, you take the blame for something, even though you didn't do it or are only partly at fault; to be blamed for smth someone else did) {UK} — оказаться крайним; оказаться без вины виноватым

Example 1: Why do I always carry the can? — Почему я все время оказываюсь крайним? Почему на меня cваливают вину?

Example 2: If the boss knows...' — 'I'll carry the can.' — Если босс узнает... — Валите все на меня.

Example 3: I hate carrying the can for people in my department. (=being the person who is considered responsible for something that has gone wrong.)

to leave sb to carry the can — свалить вину на кого-л.

— Samantha (AmE native speaker)
I suppose "carry the can" is more of a British one than an American one. If someone takes the blame for someone else, or is forced to, we would say that the person has the raw end of the deal. I think that might be more common, or at least in the U.S. :)

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