can't hold one's liquor

can't hold one's liquor ( one gets out of control, or drunk off of relatively little alcohol) — не уметь пить; очень быстро пьянеть

Example: The boy couldn't hold his liquor and passed out after only having had two beers!

In Russian it would be 'Ему достаточно пробку понюхать (и он уже пьян)' (He's only got to take a sniff off a bottle cork and he's higher than a kite!)

A cheap drunk (a person who becomes drunk after only one or two drinks) (достаточно понюхать пробку)

Example: Victor had one gin and tonic and was already slurring - what a cheap drunk!

Example: 'A cheap drunk' is out of it after a couple of shots/rounds.

Related vocabulary:
[ударить в голову]
pack a punch /pack a wallop (2)
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ударять по шарам