can do worse

you/he/she/etc can / could do (a lot/much) worse than do sth (used to say that you think sth is a good idea or that someone should do something) — нет ничего лучше, чем ...; лучшее, что можно сделать, это...; очень даже неплохо сделать; просто замечательно; очень рекомендую

Example 1: My son could do worse than grow up to be like you, Sir. (said to a man who just saved a few people from a burning house) —
Хорошо бы мой сын вырос таким же, как вы.

Example 2: If the company is interested in promoting those goods, it could do a lot worse than to give lots of free samples.

Example 3: ...His style is chatty and examples are plentiful. If you want a quick glimpse into the way dictionaries are compiled today, along the way getting insights into our language, both static and changing, you could do worse than buy this book. -- ...вам просто обязательно нужно купить эту книгу.

Example 4: He could do worse than marry Lisa . — Обязательно женись на ней. Это здорово, что ты женишься на Лизе (совет, рекомендация; you should)...

Example 5: If you’re looking for a good career, you could do worse than a job in banking.

Example 6: Squats can be performed no matter where you are, and best of all, they are completely free - no expensive equipment or annual gym fees required! If you're looking to develop great leg strength, you could do much worse than follow along with the two hundred squats plan.

Example 7: He's a real fine lawyer, you know. If you decide to go ahead with your divorce, you could do worse than hire Zeke. ...Yes, he did just great with my ex-boyfriend's. ...And he got Vanessa here's brother Jip out of jail, when Jip hit a spell of had luck once. (Anne Tyler, Ladder of Years)

Example 8: Though he made his feelings about organized religion clear, Benjamin had never tried to stop her. And while he chose not to lead out in the morning Bible reading, he always joined the family without complaint or resentment. She knew he found her unshakable faith a little quaint, but he also readily admitted a person could do worse than model his or her life on that of the Carpenter of Galilee.(Gerald N. Lund, Pillar of Light)