bust sb's chops

bust sb's chops (to nag or annoy someone; give someone a hard time; to verbally assault someone; harass|| hit someone in the jaw) — изводить кого-л., надоедать кому-л.; наезжать на кого-л., доставать кого-л.; доябываться до кого-л. {груб., вульг.}; придираться, прикапываться, цепляться к кому-л; плохо относиться или обращаться; не церемониться с кем-л. и т. д.;|| взгреть кого-л., надрать уши кому-л.

Example 1: Why you always gotta bust my chops, eh Greg?

Example 2: Well, she turned absolutely livid, and ever since she's been busting my chops.

Example 3: Just because you’re my older brother doesn’t mean I won’t bust your chops if you deserve it. (englishbaby.com)

Example 4: My mom always busts my chops when I don’t clean my room.(englishbaby.com)

Example 5: Don’t bust my chops! I’m working as hard as I can.(englishbaby.com)


I like girls who give me a hard time, bust my chops a little.(Actor Chris Evans, talking about his dream girl)
We all look for different qualities in a girlfriend or boyfriend. Some of us want a partner who makes us laugh. Others want someone sweet, or intelligent, or sincere. But that’s not what Chris Evans, star of movies like Captain America, says he wants. He wants a girl who isn’t afraid to bust his chops.

Bust his what? Your chops are your lower cheeks or jaw. And bust can mean “punch.” But bust someone’s chops doesn’t mean to punch someone in the face. It’s a little gentler than that. When someone busts your chops, they nag, annoy, or give you a hard time.

Being a movie star, Chris Evans probably gets treated really well by most people in his life, especially strangers. So it kind of makes sense that he’d want his girlfriend to be a little tougher with him. He wants someone who isn’t afraid to challenge him or tell him when he’s wrong.

But most people don’t like it when someone busts their chops. This expression is most often used in the negative sense, as in,

“Hey man, don’t bust my chops! Take it easy on me.”(englishbaby.com)