bun in the oven

have a bun in the oven (be pregnant) — беременна; в интересном положении

Example: Elsie has a bun in the oven so she can't drink alcohol.


Dear all,
Would you please help me out with the following idiom "A bun in the oven", and actually another one "A pea in the pod" - it should be something referring to pregnancy or maternity.
The thing is that all the idioms in Russian with regard to maternity seem to have a negative conotation. Would you please therefore assist me in making the phrase sound positive.
Thank you in advance,

— Vivi

If I were to judge, I'd say 'having a bun in her oven' does have a negative connotation, because it's used mostly of mothers having children out of wedlock (Left the town in a hurry, supposedly with a bun in her oven). As to a legitimate pregnancy, we'd rather say 'in a family way' or 'an expecting mother'.

Some surmise, 'bun' has something to do with 'bunnies' (rabbits), esp. due to their promiscuity and fertility.

— Anonymous (не проверено)
Dear Vivi,
Well yes, thank you very much for the equivalents in English, but would there be a nice way of transfering the same meaning in Russian. I mean something other than just "быть в интересном положении" or the like.
Thank you again,

— Vivi
I could only offer "с киндерсюрпризом в животе"

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