bully for you!

Bully for you/him etc! (something that you say when you do not think what someone has done deserves praise or admiration, but they think it does and want you to praise them ) — восклицание, выражающее восхищение, одобрение и т. п. — искренне или иронически:
Возьми с полки пирожок!
(Ну и) молодец!
(Ну и) замечательно / здорово / хорошо / прекрасно!
Флаг тебе в руки! (контекст., ирон.)
Used to show that you do not think what someone has done or said is very exciting or interesting.

Example 1: 'I cleaned the whole house yesterday.' 'Bully for you!' (CIDI) — Ну и молодец! Ах какой молодец! (ирон.)

Example 2: "He's started ironing his own shirts." "Well, bully for him!"

Example 3: Yes, I know you’ve done all the dishes. Bully for you! (LDOCE)