build bridges

build bridges (with sb / between sb) (to help two people, groups, or countries who have disagreed to have a more friendly relationship) — наводить мосты, пытаться примирить (противные стороны); пытаться примириться, навести мосты

Example 1: It was her first day at school. Kate had been so proud of her. What had happened to make her daughter take drugs? When had Lizzy grown away from her? She felt the anguished tears of motherhood blur her vision and blinked them away. She was done with crying. Patrick was right, she must build bridges now with Lizzy. Try and make some good come out of all this badness. (Martina Cole, "The ladykiller")

Example 2: He played a key role in building bridges between management and the unions. (MM)

Example3: Does he agree that not only do those excellent schemes make a positive contribution towards crime prevention, but they build bridges between the police and the community? Mr. Patten As my hon. Friend says, the schemes are valuable in building bridges between the police and the community. (Hansard extracts 1991–1992)

Example 4: The ability to communicate and to build bridges in human relationships is now recognised as an essential nursing skill; and the opportunity for offering comfort and unconditional acceptance in this way probably has no equal in any other profession.

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