breathe fire and brimstone

breathe/ preach fire and brimstone — из ушей дым идет, из ноздрей пламя пышет

Brimstone is the obsolete name for sulphur, a noxious substance. In Genesis God rains down 'brimstone and fire' to punish. The more familiar pairing of fire and brimstone occurs as a means of torture in Revelation. The idea of breathing it probably originates in the same book, where 'fire and smoke and brimstone' issue threateningly from the mouths of warriors' horses.

A person who breathes fire and brimstone is therefore expressing an angry determination to do something furious, but a person who preaches it does so to threaten damnation in hell for his or her hearers' sins.


"метать громы и

"метать громы и молнии"?