borrow trouble

to borrow trouble {AmE} (to worry about something when it is not necessary;|| to take an unnecessary action that will probably engender adverse effects) — заранее ждать неприятностей; раньше времени придумывать себе трудности; беспокоиться из-за воображаемых неприятностей или трудностей; заранее слезы проливать; волноваться попусту; || напрашиваться на неприятности

Example 1: Don't borrow trouble by worrying about next year. It's too far away. — До будущего года далеко. Нечего загодя слезы лить. (DAI)

Example 2: After a moment Jackie said, "I just can't believe she's gone. I gave her the bib as a joke, but she probably will have a baby, and I won't be there to be a part of it. There was talk that we might be together at Christmas, but if Eddie's about to have a baby?" Jackie cut off and turned away. Clayton's voice came gently to her. "Don't borrow trouble, Jackie. Eddie and Robert may not have children right away. It's impossible to know." (Lori Wick, "Where the Wild Rose Blooms")

Example 3: You are borrowing trouble if you try to tell John what to do. — Ничего, кроме неприятности, не получится / ты напросишься на неприятности, если будешь советовать Джону, как ему поступить. (DAI)

Example 4: "I speak too bold. My friends say I borrow trouble." (Aimee E Liu, "Cloud Mountain")

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