bored to tears

be/get bored to tears AND be/get bored to death (be extremely bored; so bored that you feel sorry for yourself and are about to break-down and cry) — очень скучно; ≈ чуть не умереть от скуки; ≈ чуть с ума не сойти от скуки
bored stiff
bored out of one's mind

(very bored or disinterested; tired of and uninterested in something to the point of being put to sleep, as though becoming as dead-and-rigid as a corpse)

Professor N may be the world’s greatest expert on Shakespeare, but every time I go to her class, I get bored to death. — Может, она и лучший специалист по Шекспиру, но всякий раз на ее лекциях я просто умираю от скуки.
.....Her lectures make me bored stiff.
.....When my students read the tragic story of Hamlet, I expect them to be moved to tears, but the realistic truth is that they are more likely to be bored to tears.
.....I fell asleep at at the office today. I was bored out of my mind!

to bore sb to tears/to death/stiff — наводить на кого-л. смертельную скуку

Example: Whenever Janet turns up and starts talking, I listen for a while to be polite, but she always bores me to tears, especially because she keeps complaining about the same old things, again and again.

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