blown out of the water

blow sth/sb out of the water
blast sth/sb out of the water
(to utterly destroy or defeat something or someone) — взорвать, разнести вдребезги; камня на камне не оставить; разнести, разгромить, раскритиковать в пух и прах; || уничтожить
{As a ship is blown up by a torpedo}

be blown out of the water — оказаться несостоятельным; пойти прахом

If something, like an idea, is blown out of the water, it is destroyed or defeated comprehensively — оказывается полностью несостоятельной (it can be blown out of the water with solid logic: в результате убойных доводов оппонентов)

Example 1: Several project members blew my new project out of the water. — ... камня на камне не оставили от моего проекта, доказали его полную несостоятельность.

Example 2: They came to court with fresh evidence that would, they said, blow the prosecution's case completely out of the water. (CIDI)

Example 3: How does it feel to be blown out of the water like that? (DAmSL)

Example 4: This is too much. I’m gonna blow that guy out of the water. (DAmSL)

Example 5: It’s undeniable that a book original usually blasts its movie version out of the water.

If a team loses big, sometimes we would say that the team was blown out of the water. — нанести сокрушительное поражение

Example: Westwood High blew Jefferson High completely out of the water. Jefferson never scored once the entire game(David W. Miller)

This term originally was used in mid-19th-century naval warfare, where it meant to blast or shoot another vessel to pieces. It later was transferred to athletic and other kinds of defeat. (